[Skalanews] Banks and Investors Make it Easier for Typhoons to Invest Large

Selasa, 24 Feb 2015 02:13 WI
Skalanews – Jakarta based NGO engaged in environmental issues, natural resources, and the impact of development on the development of human rights, Transformation for Justice (TUK) Indonesia, said banks and external investors facilitate business tycoons of palm oil to accelerate the growth of their business group.
“Consequently, the growth raises strong cash flow that can be used by those tycoons to invest and develop their enterprise,” said TUK Indonesia program director, Rahmawati Retno Winarni in Jakarta.
Rahmawati said that, while the tycoons controlled the process of expansion in oil palm sector, fund disbursed by banks and external investors were allowing them to accelerate the pace of expansion. 
“We have studied 25 palm oil business groups, which although they are fully controlled by tycoons, they do not only rely on their own wealth to finance expansion,” she said. 
Rahmawati also said that of the 25 holdings, as many as 21 of them that were registered in the capital market. “That means they’ve absorbed capital and will continue to absorb capital by issuing shares to institutional and private investors,” she said. 
She also said some companies also issued bonds, mainly to institutional investors so that these companies could apply a bank loan. 
Some of the names of the companies are Wilmar, Sinar Mas, IOI, Salim, Jardine Matheson, Tiga Pilar Sejahtera, Sampoerna Agro, Bakrie, and Gozco. (nra/ant)

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