Vision & Objectives

This association has the purposes of the realisation of respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights and social justice by State and non-state actors in the fields of policies, programmes and activities of agribusiness and natural resources management.

The objectives of Tuk INDONESIA are:

  1. Civilisation with dignity and solidarity in human rights and social justice;
  2. Advocating the State’s obligations in order to enforce, execute, and fulfil constitutional rights and human rights;
  3. Challenging investment commitments and business activities of government and private businesses in respect of responsible and sustainable development;
  4. Encouraging norms, protection, and standards of human rights that are friendly and equitable in social, economic, cultural, political, and ecological aspects;
  5. Strengthening the synergy of initiatives and networks for collective actions in human rights and social justice;
  6. Alignments and justice actions that are real and promptly considered and implemented by the State, society and private sector in their policies and business activities.