Activities & Services

To achieve the purposes and objectives above, the Association organises several activities, as follows:

  1. Encouraging approaches, mechanisms and procedures for human rights in public and private sector development;
  2. Partnering with human rights defenders and other support groups to encourage, create and activate political, social and cultural movements for the fulfilment of human rights;
  3. Providing supports and facilities in respect of human rights for vulnerable groups and marginalised communities through active networking, public fatwas (rulings) and mobilisation of resources;
  4. Conducting critical assessments and participatory investigations with regard to human rights and justice;
  5. Monitoring international sustainability initiatives in respect of public and private sector businesses, operations and investments in Indonesia;
  6. Translating integrity practices of agribusiness commodity trading and markets by linking consequences and implications of production and consumption to human rights and social justice;
  7. Urging investment and financing leaderships of public and private businesses to respect and improve their lending in agribusiness commodities and natural resources;
  8. Developing capacity of the organisation and managing resources to achieve the organisation’s vision and mission.